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Where’s the FREE sheet music for this song?

It’s all about copyright… 


I can upload easy piano tutorials for any songs on YouTube. They allow copyright owners to claim almost all the advertising revenue. (And they do!) BUT…

Sheet music

My videos cover:

  1. Songs in the public domain
    These are out of copyright, so I give you the sheet music FREE on my main page.
  2. Copyrighted songs covered by Sheet Music Plus
    These are in copyright but the owners allow Sheet Music Plus to sell arrangements of them. I list them on the SMP website where you can buy them cheaply. I receive a very small percentage (most of it goes to the song owner and SMP.)
  3. Other copyrighted songs
    These are in copyright and not covered by SMP. Sorry if you’re looking for my sheet music for one of these, but I can’t legally list or link it. (Sometimes I can find an easy alternative and I link that on my main page as “similar sheet music“.)

As you can see, I get almost nothing from creating all these videos!

So, please would you treat yourself to one of my printed music books
Or perhaps you could support me on Patreon? 
Or maybe buy me a Koffee at

Thank you for your support.